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Dance till you drop! Get the pass and come to as many workshops or single classes as you like. If you purchase the SprintPass we would still like to know which workshops you plan to take. You will receive an email asking for this information at a later date. If you plan to take single classes you can sign up for those on the day of.

Single Classes
Students registering for full workshops have priority. Single classes or partial workshop registration is possible only in cash, on the day of class and space is limited to first come first serve.

Prices and Payment
Workshop prices are based on the number of hours of instruction and therefore each workshop is priced differently. Identify your status if you intend to pay the reduced price.

We want Tanzsprint to be accessible! Reductions are for students, underemployed, professional artists and dancers 60+. For example the Workshop Price (all 5 classes) for Pilates is 60 Euro. The reduced price is 45 Euro.

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Ermäßigung/Reduction? StudentJunggebliebenen 60+Professional ArtistUnemployed
When attending to the workshop you need to prove that you’re entitled for the reduced price.

WS1 - Tai Chi - 56/42 €
WS2 - Gyrokinesis - 40/30 €
WS3 - Pilates and Anatomy - 60/45 €
WS4 - Dance in the City, why not? - 80/60 €
WS5 - Does stillness move when motion stops? - 72/54 €
WS6 - Site In Site - 40/30 €
WS7 - Reaching Length In Movement - 80/60 €
WS8 - A contemporary approach to classical vocabulary. - 96/72 €
WS9 - Get into the Groove – Urbane Tanzstile für Erwachsene - 48/36 €
WS10 - Somatic Encounters with Chinese Handwriting - 24/18 €
WS11 - So you think you can dance? - 80/60 €
WS12 - Ad Hoc Improvisation Workshop - 80/60 €
WS13 - BACK to the NAVEL SPACE - 60/45 €
WS14 - Music Inspires Dance. Dance Inspires Music - 80/60 €
WS16 - Solo Making - 72/54 €
WS17 - „Wo ist bitte der Ausgang?“ - 48/36 €
WS18 - Together as one - 48/36 €
WS19 - Yield, Push, Reach, and Pull: Developmental Movement Patterning into Contact Improvisation - 32/24 €
WS20 - Jungs! Zeit zum Tanzen! (NO GIRLS ALLOWED) - 36/27 €

SprintPass - 220/170 €: Ja / Yes
Valid for all workshops, non-transferable.

Bitte überweisen Sie den Gesamtbetrag auf die Kontoverbindung in der Bestätigungsmail, erst dann ist die Anmeldung abgeschlossen und der Workshop verbindlich für Sie reserviert.

Registration is not complete! You will receive an email shortly confirming your interest in the above workshops and payment information. Once your payment is received your registration is accepted.

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