Warm Up Daily somatic warm up, open to single classes. O |  OPEN LEVEL(from beginner to experienced.)
Technique The class will include led phrases or exercises. E | EXPERIENCED(some experience is required.)
Exploratory The class will have a focus on self-led movement, through tasks focusing on somatic experience or skills in improvisation.
Composition The class will have a focus on skills for composing your own material.
Contact Improvisation An improvisation class that includes dancing in physical contact.
OUTDOOR Most or all of the workshop will happen out of doors.
Target Group Specific Boys only, für alle Junggebliebenen 60+, see descriptions.

(Download the calendar [for calendar program like iCal] from here, divided into 4 pieces just in order to make things bit clearer: 1 4 3 2)


WS1 | Warm Up | O | M – Su 8:45 – 9:45 | 56/42 €

Wei Man Fsw WEI MAN

Tai Chi

‘Softness is stronger than hardness.’ Slowly get your blood flowing and mobilize your body with the basic movements of Chen Style Tai Chi. This class will awaken the body and mind, build your strength in a easy way, and help you start the day awakened and revived!


WS2 | Warm Up | O | M – F 8:45 – 9:45 | 40/30 €



What moves you today? GYROKINESIS® is a holistic movement system that combines elements from Yoga, Tai Chi, swimming and dance. Each class begins on a chair with a warm up sequence based on a series of fluid spinal motions which will increase your range of motion, strength, and coordination, and prepare your body and mind for thed ay: whether you wish to stay and dance with us, or you plan to head to work. GYROKINESIS ® is suitable for everybody, with no age limit.


WS3 | Warm Up/Exploratory | O | M-F 10 – 11:30 | 60/45 €

3902blwht LAURA HICKS

Pilates and Anatomical Journeys

How are you moving today? Gently wake up the support of your centre, find more space in your hips and shoulders and move your spine in all directions. Each day we will introduce a new anatomical theme through discussion and exploration followed by Pilates exercises. Each day will finish with improvisation time guided by the experiences earlier in the class. Friday’s class will be a lab, emphasizing more self led exploration. This workshop will get you ready for your day, give you a a working base in functional anatomy and give you the experience of internal awareness while filling external forms.


WS4 | Contemporary Technique/OUTDOOR | O | M 17:00 – 19:00 | Tu 16:00-19:00  | W 17:00-19:00  |
Th 18:00-21:00 | 80/60 €

Ewelina Zielonka 2 Fsw EWELINA ZIELONKA

Dance in the City, why not?

Walls, public spaces, and hurly-burly streets are calling. To enrich our dance training we will place ourselves in different environments, interact with local architecture and explore the physical and social dynamics of public space. During the workshop we will apply the principles of contemporary and modern dance techniques to site-specific physical training. There will be time for improvisation, creation, being together and inviting the wind, temperature, dust, and different textures to dance with us. The first meeting will take place in a  studio. Please wear old clothes and shoes, we gonna get dirty!


WS5 | Composition/OUTDOOR | O | MTuW 15:00 – 18:00 | 72/54 €


Does stillness move when motion stops?
This workshop focuses on the film technique of Stop Motion: creating a series of short videos, while researching tools for improvisation based on the principles of the film technique. With the help of the camera we will create illusions in relation to space and time, informing our body with new possibilites: bringing movement where there is none and stillness where there is movement. The workshop begins daily in the studio and develops outdoors for filming. No dance or filming experience is needed.


WS6 | Exploratory/OUTDOOR | O |  Sa 9:30 – 11:30 & 13:00 – 16:00 | 40/30 €


Site In Site

The city as performance space or text? Both ideas are explored in this one day workshop. We begin in the studio with a warm-up and then continue into improvisational work and group discussion that prepares us for working ‘in site’. In the afternoon we move outside to become part of the city’s transforming spaces: the fluid audience, intersections of private lives and public realms, the structures we can re-imagine through our bodies, urban surfaces – narratives waiting to be moved and moved to.
In case of rain this workshop will continue indoors..


WS7 | Technique/Exploratory | E | M – F 15:00 – 17:00 | 80/60 €

Oksana Griaznova Fsw OKSANA GRIAZNOVA

Reaching Length In Movement

How extreme or how moderate can ‘reaching length’ be? We will focus on two main ideas throughout. Constant lengthening in multiple directions – the image of creating more space between each cell in our body; space that creates a potential of moving differently. And the use of counter direction equal to initial direction – creating a sense of balance between two extremes which will increase stability and body awareness. The aim is to find exploration within the frames of set movement material, focusing on ideas more then form.


WS8 | Technique (Contemporary Ballet) | E | MTuWFSaSu   11:45 – 13:45 | 96/72 €


A contemporary approach to classical vocabulary.

To achieve a continuous flow of movement, we will employ the concept of ‘distribution of weight,’ allowing the dancer to explore yet another way of veering in and out of movement. Shifting the center, to achieve alignment where needed, will be a goal. Is the movement in the space transporting us through, on or off balance? Transitions, flow, and musicality will play important roles in these classes.

Classes are 120 min., intended for intermediate to advanced movers.


WS9 | Technique (Hip Hop) | O | M – Th 19:00 – 20:30 | 48/36 €


Get into the Groove – Urbane Tanzstile für Erwachsene

Worum geht es im Hip Hop eigentlich? Und wie kann ich die Merkmale dieser Lebenskultur tänzerisch erleben? Get into the Groove richtet sich speziell an bewegungs- und tanzbegeisterte Erwachsene, die sich dem Hip Hop tänzerisch annähern wollen. Im Verlauf des Workshops werden Basiselemente aus Tanzstilen des Hip Hop erarbeitet. Vielseitige Rhythmen und kontrastreiche Bewegungsformen verschmelzen zu einer Choreographie. Neben einem Kennenlernen bewegungstechnischer Aspekte steht bei Get into the Groove vor allem der Spaß an gemeinsamer Bewegung und spontaner Kommunikation im Vordergrund.


WS10 | Exploratory | O | F 15:00 – 18:00 / 24/18 €

Wei Man Fsw WEI MAN

Somatic Encounters with Chinese Handwriting

Are you interested in gaining experience with traditional Chinese handwriting along with the technique and metaphors hidden within this ancient practice? What happens when you perceive your body through the principles of Chinese handwriting? Join us, and drift towards your fade zone, loosen small joints while writing room-size characters, diversify your physical movement, and infuse it with new vigor!


WS11 | Exploratory | O | M – F 11:45 – 13:45 | 80/60 €


So you think you can dance?

All rules are there to be broken. Melody and rhythm, are they really necessary? This class aims at revealing the potential of body parts as independent entities, as well as a whole. We will establish phrases and movement structures during the class that we will then deconstruct and approach differently. The use of reaching, shrinking, touching and sensing will help us discover different paths between our body parts. By increasing the dynamics and shifts in movement we will move into the space, building on creativity and self-awareness.


WS12 | Exploratory | O | M – F 15:00 – 17:00 | 80/60 €


Ad Hoc Improvisation Workshop

ad hoc = made or done without planning because of an immediate need. This workshop draws us into the unstable, volatile space of improvisation, and the questions it provokes. ‘How does movement avoid definition?’…’When is it political?’…’Act or action?’ These questions and others will be explored to the tune of different themes over the week. Reflections, topics, movement ideas and questions we bring with us each day will provide material for our encounters. This workshop is open to all improvisers interested in taking a further look at the art and dynamics of moving ‘ad hoc’.


WS13 | Technique/Exploratory | O | M – F 10:00 – 11:30 | 60/45 €



“From which place [in the body] do we get support to be present?” Or rather from which space in the body do we create our own support? And it’s not about choosing one over the other but acknowledging integration and infinite potentialities of the navel space. In this workshop we re-awaken inner connectivity by re-organizing the core-limb relationships. Navel space becomes the source of motivation for movement. Informed by developmental movement patterns and Jurewicz Movement Technique, this workshop facilitates growth towards wholeness.


WS14 | Exploratory | O | M – F 11:45 – 13:45 | 80/60 €


Music Inspires Dance. Dance Inspires Music

How can your dance inspire the music? This workshop offers an interdisciplinary exploration between dance and music. We will search for the magic moment when both disciplines flow together in a river of mutual understanding. The communication will happen focusing on the process of listening and attention within a space for individual as well as in group work. Different musicians will join the experience of going through the flowing magic moment


WS15 | Exploratory | O | MTuW 11:45 – 13:45 | 48/36 €  – CANCELLED


Inter-Connected Moving

Do you want to get in touch with your own body, re-discover what balance and moving through space might mean to you? This three day intensive gives you the time to investigate movement by looking at connective tissue. The interrelations between body parts and bodies in the space, will guide us through explorations, dances, and improvisations. Balance, coordination, and flexibility will be challenged in a playful manner. Bring your questions, your explorative spirit and curiosity!


WS16 | Composition | E | WThF 15:00 – 18:00 | 72/54 €


Solo Making

We will make solo works. Our journey will be supported by a set of instructions, which impel us to solve problems in personal and playful ways. There will be constant dialogue between group exploration and individual processing; in fact, working in the group will serve you to discover and develop materials for your solo. The main ingredients are body, movement and action. Texts written or improvised, objects and other means are welcomed along the way. Do we always need to know what we want to say before saying it? For max.12 participants with movement experience. There will be an opportunity to present your work at the end of the week.


WS17 | Technique/Exploratory | O | SaSu 10:00 –  13:00 | 48/36 €


„Wo ist bitte der Ausgang?“

Zeitgenössisches Training basierend auf Body-Mind Centering® (BMC)

„Was bewegt mich?“, „Wie fang ich an?“, „Wie komme ich hier raus?“ sind Fragen, die wir uns in diesem Workshop stellen werden. Das tun wir, indem wir uns mit Bewegung auseinandersetzen und aus der Perspektive der BMC-Arbeit unsere Verbindungen im Körper  suchen und untersuchen. Dieser Workshop bietet in einem integrierten Ansatz sowohl Bewegungssequenzen als auch Improvisation zur individuellen Forschung an. Möglicherweise findet unser Körper durch den vielfältigen Umgang mit Bewegung eine oder mehrere Antworten. Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch


WS18 | Contact Improvisation | O | MWF 19:00 –  21:00 | 48/36 €

Otto Akkanen F1sw OTTO AKKANEN

Together as one

Can two people move as one?
In this workshop we focus on sensing the earth’s support through ourselves and our partners.
Can this sensation of support steer our movement choices, and our dance?
This contact improvisation workshop is open to all levels.


WS19 | Contact Improvisation | O | SaSu 15:00-17:00 | 32/24 €

3902blwht LAURA HICKS

Yield, Push, Reach, and Pull: Developmental Movement Patterning into Contact Improvisation

Expose the 3 dimensionality of your movement. How do you compose your impulses? Articulate your impulses into beginnings and endings, arrivals and departures, use the floor, and move through space. Beginners will increase their level of comfort improvising on their own, while experienced dancers can enjoy the precision of listening and physical agility, gained by mapping movement pathways. We will dance on our own and in partners and finish each day with a round-robin jam.


WS20 | Target Group Specific | Boys Aged 8-13 yrs | MTuW 17:15 – 18:45 | 36/27 €


Jungs! Zeit zum Tanzen! (NO GIRLS ALLOWED)

Hast du Bock zu Tanzen? Willst du die Freunde in deiner Klasse begeistern? Bist du neugierig auf Tanz oder glaubst du das ist nur etwas für Mädchen? Mach mit, ergreife die Chance – ob als Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars oder Fred Astaire – entdecke unterschiedliche Stile und Formen. In diesem Training lernen wir zusammen mit Kraft, Power und Spaß zu Tanzen!


WS21 | Target Group Specific | für alle Junggebliebenen 60+| M – F 10:00 – 11:30 | 50/45 € – CANCELLED


Was bedeutet Ihnen TANZ?

Mit Hilfe dieser Frage werden wir von verschiedenen Perspektiven aus unser Verständnis von Tanz betrachten. Wir möchten Ihnen einen Einblick in  zeitgenössischen Tanz geben und würden uns freuen, wenn Sie Ihre persönlichen Tanzerinnerungen mit uns teilen. Neben einem täglichen Warm-Up Training werden wir mit spielerischen Improvisationen Bewegungsabläufe entwickeln kreieren und verschiedene Gruppen– und Paartänze neu kreieren! Bringen Sie Ihre Lieblingsmusik mit!


Profitraining Tanzlabor_21| M – F   10:00 – 11:30 


Accumulate and Fertilize: Sharing Toolboxes for Improvisation

Sometimes we get acquainted with a new approach to improvisation and it is like we are stripped down and built up again through that knowledge. How do we accumulate and fertilize the new information we receive with the base we already own? This improvisation workshop is aimed at experienced performers and dancers who are ready to offer their own toolbox to the group to be shared and tried out. A guided exchange will carry us through the range of questions and issues we encounter when improvising. Various formats of improvisation (games, scores, pure dance sessions) will tune us for the day.



OTTO AKKANEN is a dance artist, photographer, bodywork practitioner, and teacher. He graduated from the dance department of the vocational school of Outokumpu, Finland (2006). He has taught contact improvisation in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil and Finland. Sources of inspiration are his background in social work (BA degree in 2001), poetry, philosophy and music. His perspectives on power, hierarchies, politics, structures, beings, ideas, and categories influence his approach to teaching. Currently he’s enrolled in the MA CoDE Program. WS18

OKSANA GRIAZNOVA is a dancer, performer and teacher from Lithuania. As a young dancer, she trained in classical, folk, jazz-modern and diverse dance forms. She also had many opportunities to perform in festivals and competitions organized for children and young people. The desire to develop further in contemporary dance led her to Finland where she completed the three-year vocational education in North-Karelia College Outokumpu. Oksana’s current practice focuses on release based training and floor work. Her classes  emphasize speed through release, inner strength and outer softness. Oksana joined MA CoDE  in October 2013. WS7

LAURA HICKS is a Canadian dancer, performance maker, teacher, and certified Pilates trainer and has been working as an independent artist for almost a decade. Focusing on awareness and perception, movement patterning and intention, and tools relating to image, state, and voice; her work is inspired by a study, and love for improvisation and contact improvisation, Bartenieff Fundamentals, functional anatomy, physical theatre, and contemporary dance. Interest in reevaluating her relationship to research, art, aesthetic, and training inspired Laura to join MA CoDE in 2013. WS3 | WS19

HANNAH SHAKTI BÜHLER studied contemporary dance in London at Laban Trinity College, graduating in 2006. Her performance practice has led her across Europe in work with Retina Dance Co, Centro Coreografico Galego and T.r.a.s.h. dans/performance group, among others. Collaborating with film director and choreographer Cisco Aznar, she is a choreographic assistant for Folkoperan Stockholm and Opera de Dijon. Her dance video projects have been presented at several festivals across Europe, gaining 1st Prize at Choreographic Capture Competition and at La danza in 1 minuto/COORPI. Hannah is a certified GYROKINESIS® Trainer and joined MA CoDE  in 2013. WS2 | WS5 | WS21

KASIA KIZIOR is a dancer and choreographer from Poland. She studied ballet and folk dance at the National Ballet School. Since 2006 she has been working with Zawirowania Dance Company and The Opera House/ Warsaw. Her strength lies in the experience of multiple genres. She has expanded her classical dance background to include Contact Improvisation, Release Technique, Gaga, Modern and Yoga. Kasia has been working with professional dancers as well as traceurs, actors, musicians, mixed-ability students and children. As a choreographer she was engaged in different television formats and video productions. Kasia joined MA CoDE in 2013. WS11 | WS21

EWELINA ZIELONKA – dancer and dance teacher from Poland, she graduated from Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz/A, with a BA degree in Movement Studies and Performance/Dance Pedagogy(2013). Ewelina’s physical practice combines knowledge from different contemporary dance techniques, modern dance, and somatic practices. She is committed to expanding her perspectives on dance, the theme of the body, and movement; aiming to make them richer and more accessible. Currently she is enrolled in MA CoDE and cooperates with KOLEKTYW złej sukienki/PL WS4 | WS21

WEI MAN is a choreographer, teacher and dancer from Beijing, China. She began her dance studies with Chinese folk dance at the age of 12. From 2007 until 2011, she studied choreography in the Central University of Nationalities in China. Since 2010, she has been working for several folk dance theaters and art centers as a choreographer and dance teacher. She is interested in integrating elements of different dance styles, characteristics of other art forms, psychology, and areas of culture into her artistic and pedagogical work. She moved to Europe in 2013 to enroll in MA CoDE. WS1 | WS10

GREGORY LIVINGSTON (NYC) received his BFA from SUNY Purchase & is a guest artist with the Limón Dance Company. Since 2001, he has been collaborating nationally & internationally with Roberto Galvan, Joseph Tmim, Tanzlabor_21, the Limon School, Royal Swedish Ballet School, Balettakademien Stockholm, Folkhögskola Härnösand, Codarts, Korean Natʼl University of Arts & NY Institute of Dance & Education.WS8

MIRANDA GLIKSON has worked with dance companies in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Her work in Germany since 2000 relates to long-term collaborations with Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg and Tanzcompagnie Giessen, free-lance choreographic, performance and photographic projects. She currently teaches in Germany and Australia with diverse companies and institutions, and takes her work into the broader community. Present performance contexts focus on site-specific work and collaborative improvisation formats with diverse experimental music ensembles. WS6 | WS12

JASON JACOBS is a choreographer, dance teacher and performer. He has worked with a variety of artists in international contexts including Alonzo King, Dwight Rhoden, Johannes Wieland and Hofesh Shechter. His choreographic work has been presented by companies in the US and Germany, and at festivals throughout Europe. Together with Ekaterine Giorgadze, Jason is co-founder of the company Muddy Boots. WS20

OLA SCIBOR started her physical training with fencing, trained in athletics and horseback riding. In 2005, she joined Alter Dance Theatre and received a thorough training in the Jurewicz Movement Technique, alongside exploring improvisation and Contact Improvisation. Ola has cooperated with, among others, Nigel Charnock, Robert Hayden, Jacek Owczarek and Tomasz Rodowicz. Interested in Body-Mind Centering, living process of creation and martial arts, Ola is training Capoeira and returning to dance having graduated from M.A. in Contemporary Dance Education Programme (HfMDK, Frankfurt am Main). WS13

HANNAH DEWOR studierte Modernen und Zeitgenössischen Tanz in Köln und Amsterdam und setzte sich zusätzlich mit Tanzstilen der Hip-Hop-Kultur auseinander. Sie arbeitet freiberuflich als Tänzerin (u.a. Richard Siegal/The Bakery, Kompanie Offspace) und Tanzpädagogin. Seit Abschluss des Masters 2012 beschäftigt sie sich intensiv mit der Tanzvermittlung in unterschiedlichen Kontexten, u.a. Tanz in Schulen, Workshopformate für Jugendliche mit Handicap, Performanceworkshops für Jugendliche und Erwachsene. 2012 konzipierte sie “Get into the Groove” erstmals und entwickelt das Format stetig weiter. WS9

PATRICIA GIMENO Dancer, Performer and Dance Pedagogue. After fifteen years of dancing ballet in Spain, she continued her education with modern dance, contemporary, jazz and contact improvisation in Holland, USA, Italy, Germany and France. A graduate in psychology, she performed with several companies in different countries before deciding to enrich herself by joining the Master’s Program Contemporary Dance Education at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. WS14 | WS 21

ANASTASIA KOSTNER finished her Master of Arts in 2011, after which she continued to investigate in the concept of ‘Flow’ and ‘Structural Integration’ in Amsterdam. She taught at the ‘Tanz und junge Tänzer’ in Linz, at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. and at the Korea National University of Arts. Next to her passion for movement research and teaching dance she works as a dancer. Projects she performed in were with Matteo Fargion and Jonathan Burrows, ‘Les Gents D’Uterpan’, Thierry De Mey and Roberto Castello, amongst others. WS15

JUNGYEON KIM studierte Choreographie in der Korea National University of Arts und Zeitgenössische Tanzpädagogik im Masterstudiengang an der Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt. Sie engagiert sich in Lehrprojekten für Tänzer, Schauspieler und Freizeittänzer und arbeitet als Choreographin in Theater-, Jugend- und Inklusions-Projekten, sowie an ihren eigenen Performance-Arbeiten. Sie ist Mitbegründerin der Forschungsgruppe Performance im Frankfurter Kellertheater. WS16

NIRA PRIORE NOUAK M.A., Brasilianerin, zeitgenössische Tanzpädagogin, Lern- und Entwicklungsbegleiterin. Studien in Germanistik, Philosophie und Gebärdensprache. Kern ihrer Arbeit sind die sensomotorische Körperarbeit, Improvisationstechniken, Body-Mind Centering® und Bartenieff Fundamentals sowie die Verbindung von Theorie und Praxis in gruppenprozessorientierter Arbeit. Sie ist Projektleiterin der Weiterbildung KitaTanz,Tanz in Schulen sowie im Forum Tanzvermittlung. Darüber hinaus ist sie Gastdozentin an  verschiedenen Universitäten. WS17

LILI M RAMPRE (Slovenia) received her BS in physics. She was a recipient of the first prize of National competition of young dance creators Slovenia, a recipient of Nomad Dance Academy scholarship and rewarded a residency at Centre Choreographique National de Montpellier (Jardin d’Europe). She is currently based in Düsseldorf, but works outside of Germany as well, as she recently became Modul dance artist in residence.  Profitraining, TanzLabor_21